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  • Solar Panels for Caravans

40W Folding Solar Panel

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Solar Panels for Caravans

Portable instant solar panel system producing 40W – perfect for trickle charging 12V batteries and running camping lights, small water pumps, laptops.

  • Folding monocrystalline panels
    • Includes back stand
    • Angle adjusted support to ensure maximum exposure to the sun
    • in-built solar performance and battery indicator LED
    • 8A charge controller to prevent over charging
    • storage/carry bag included
    • complete with leadset for connection to battery
  • This panel produces 18Amp/hour and is ideal for trickle charging or topping up a caravan battery
    • 40W peak power (2 x 20W panels)
    • optimum operating current (ImP) 2.39A
    • optimum output voltage (vMP) 18V
    • open circuit voltage (Voc) 29V
    • Dimensions 35 x 50 x 8cm 7Kg
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame fitted with a blocking diode to prevent reverse current drain

40W Folding Solar Panel

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