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Dometic Combicool RF62

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Dometic Gas Fridge with the Combicool RF62

This robust, mobile, silent running Dometic RF62 is one of the best camping fridges on the market. The Dometic RF62 has a 56 litre cooling compartment with a 5-Litre Freezer. The free-standing absorption refrigerators from Dometic can also be installed close to sleeping quarters – it operates without making a noise and won’t disturb anybody. The CombiCool RF 62 offers a 3 way camping fridges on 12 volts, 230 volts and gas to provide high-performance cooling. With their compact design and 61 litre capacity , they are perfect for under an awning.

  • 12V Battery ignition
  • Absolutely silent operation
  • Secure door lock with vent option
  • two door trays
  • 60 litre capacity
  • Cooling specifications: Refrigerator +7C, freezer compartment cools to -12C at ambient temperature upto +32C.
  • Test mark: Certified to European Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC
  • Exterior Dimensions – 615 x 486 x 490mm (HxWxD) 26Kg
Absorption coolers are completely silent and run off mains 230V AC or battery power 12V DC as well as gas. The science behind it is concentrated ammonia is heated in a hermetic system and becomes vapour. This vapour, or pressurised ammonia gas is liquefied in a condenser and hydrogen is added. This results in evaporation and given we have a closed system heat is extracted from the cooler. The ammonia gas then re-enters the absorption unit and turns back into ammonia liquid for it then to go through the whole cycle again.

Dometic Combicool RF62 3 Way Camping Absorption Cooler

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