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CTEK MXS3.8 Car Battery Charger

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CTEK Chargers – the Best Car Battery Charger on the market

The CTEK MXS3.8 Car Battery Charger offers perfect charging for all lead acid batteries including car and 85AH caravan leisure batteries

  • Charges batteries from 1.2 to 85Ah
    • Four Charging Modes
      • Motorcycle – low current charging (0.8A) suitable all 12V bikes upto 30Ah
      • Car – standard charging (3.8A) suitable for all batteries upto 85Ah and 130Ah on maintenance charge
      • AGM – stop/start specialist charging for AGM batteries
  • Seven step fully automated charging cycle
    • Desulphation; uses pulses to restore sulphated batteries
    • Soft start; starting mode for charging cycle – prepares battery for bulk charging
    • Bulk; main charge until 80% of charge is complete
    • Absorption; final part of charge upto 100%
    • Analysis; checks the self-discharge rate
    • Maintenance charge – float; carried out at a constant voltage
    • Maintenance charge – pulse; uses pulses when necessary to keep the battery charge at the correct level
  • Temperature compensation for efficient charging
  • Unique Recond mode for recovering batteries and restoring lost energy
  • Easy and safe to use. No sparks and reverse polarity connection protected
  • Free five year warranty


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