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Dometic RM8500

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 3 Way Fridges for Campervans

The Dometic Motorhome Fridge RM 8500 is the latest 8 -series absorption refrigerator from Dometic (previously known as Electrolux). Very modern with interior ice-blue LED light, battery-powered ignition unit, thermostatic regulation when running on 12V, 230V or gas. Silent running with this absorption refrigerator. The shelves are easy-to-remove and be positioned as required. The freezer compartment can be removed, providing more space and reducing energy consumption by 20%. Fingertip opening system with a touch panel control display

With a capacity of 106 litres with a easy-to-remove 9 litre freezer compartment the Dometic RM 8500 is the perfect Dometic Motorhome Fridge.

  • Width 525mm
  • Colour: Silver – Grey
  • Cabinet coated sheet steel, plastic door
  • Single Door operation
  • Gross Capacity: with freezer compartment 106 litres (9 litres freezer)
  • 12V, 230V AC and Gas operated
  • Battery Ignition
    • Gas ignition by battery igniter
    • Automatically cuts off gas supply if flame goes out
    • Thermostat regulation in  gas & 230-volt mode
    • With gas galvanometer for convenient checking in gas mode
  • Test mark: Certified to European Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC
  • Cooling Capacity: refrigerator +7C, freezer compartment down to -12C at ambient temperatures up to 32C
  • Exterior Dimensions – 525 x 821 x 569mm
  • Weight 27.8Kg
  • The RM 8500 comes as left hand hinge (9105704266) or right hand hinge (9105704268) – please contact us to advise which one you require on purchase.
  • Right specifications, but you require space for the wheel arch then look at RMS8500 Click here for RMS8500
  • Right specifications, but you require the manual Energy Selection System then look at RM8501 Click here for RM8501
  • Right specifications, but you require the Automatic Energy Selector System then look at RM8505 Click here for RM8505

Dometic Motorhome Fridge RM8500

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