24V Truck Microwave

If your on the road fast food can offer a quick solution to those food cravings, but everyday? Your pocket and not to mention your waist line will be feeling it. You want to be healthy and yet when its cold outside you want a hot meal. Here’s the solution – a 24V microwave.

  • There are expensive¬†integrated 24V truck microwaves out there, but this solution offers a relatively cost effective way of having a microwave in your cab or long boat as well as¬†a 240V mains power supply to run other household appliances.
  • This microwave solution runs a 1500W 24V power inverter off your battery (simple to install) and this produces 240V via a mains socket
  • You plug the microwave into the inverter and that’s it your cooking those soups, burritos and last night’s curry
  • Not to fear flattening your batteries the inverter is intelligent and will notify you if your draining it too much
  • There are 12V microwave solutions also available – see caravan microwave

Includes 700W microwave

  • 6 power levels from defrost to high
  • 17 litre capacity
  • 230V AC
  • WxHxD 45 x 276x 35cm 9.5Kg
  • 1 Year Warranty

Includes 24V 1500W Power Inverter

  • modified sine wave inverter
  • 24 V DC input
  • Smart technology with low battery, overheating and overload warning
  • Reverse polarity protection with fuse
  • WxHxD 20 x 36x 8cm 3.5Kg
  • 1 Year Warranty