How do you turn 12 or 24 volts DC into 240V AC?

Enjoying your holiday should mean being able to use the electrical gadgets you are used to, however they work on 240V AC – so you need a way of converting or inverting your vehicle power systems so they produce 240V AC. This is done with a power inverter and we have a comprehensive range of Ring and Waeco inverters for you whether it is to power a laptop or to run a microwave we have the one to suit your needs and budget

What size inverter do I need?

Application 75-250W 250-1000W 1000-3000W 3000W+
Radio/Laptop/TV Yes
Small Drill / Coffee Maker Yes
Microwave / Kettle / Toaster  Yes
 Fridge Freezer / Heater  Yes

Pure Sine Wave or Modified Sine Wave?

Sounds complicated – but its not. Most domestic gadgets can run quite happily off modified sine waver or pure sine wave electricity. Pure sine wave is what comes out of your power sockets in the home and some specialist electronic appliances require this type, however laptops, hairdryers, tv’s, game consoles, power tools will all work off modified sine wave which is a cheaper alternative to a pure sine wave inverter. If you have any queries on this then please call us on 0113 200 1315 and will be delighted to answer your query.

How to install?

Plugs into 12V DC

cup holder power inveter

Clamps onto Battery

500W power inverter

Professional Install

500W power inverter

Depending on the size and application will result in how you install your inverter – small wattage inverters 75-350W will plug into your 12V or 24V vehicle plug socket, whereas 350-1000 come with crocodile clips so they can be temporarily connected to the battery. 350-3000W+ also can be permanently attached to your vehicle battery and it is recommended that you use an auto-electrician to install this.