• 75W Power Inverter
  • 75W Power Inverter

Ring RINV75 Power Inverter

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75W Power Inverter

The Ring Powersource 75W RINV75 produces 230V AC from your 12V battery system. Ideal for powering laptops and mobile battery chargers. Plugs onto your 12V DC plug in the vehicle and then you can plug your 230V AC appliance into the inverter and thereby transform your vehicle into a mobile office.

U Tube Demo on how it works

  • RINV75 12V DC (10-15Volts)
  • Modified sine wave inverter*
  • UK style plug socket
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Continuous output 56Watts for upto 4 hours
  • Peak output 150W
  • Efficiency is up to 90%
  • WxHxD 7 x 14 x 5 cm 0.14Kg
  • No load current <0.1A
  • CE approved
  • *if using sensitive electronic equipment we recommend using pure sine wave inverters – please call for further assistance

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