• 12V Voltage Sensitive relay

12V Voltage Sensitive relay

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12V Voltage Sensitive Relay

140Amp voltage sensitive relay for charging two 12V batteries from the vehicle alternator

  • Enable the charging of two separate battery banks from a single charging source with no risk of flattening your battery bank
  • The relay senses the main battery voltage and will only connect the secondary bank to the source when the first bank is fully charged and is 13.7V or over.
  • It will cut out if the main bank falls below 12.8V and thereby ensures the secondary bank can never drain the main bank
  • Dual sense allows the unit to sense the voltage of both batteries that are connected between them.
  • If either battery is receiving a charge the relay will activate.
  • The relay is designed to take current upto 140A with no zero voltage drop.
  • Suitable for marine applications.
  • Equivalent to the Durite 0-727-33

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